The crew from JMC Electrics installed a 7kW battery onto our existing 5kW Redback inverter. Jonathon’s diligence and years of industry knowledge got us through the comms hook-up and quickly our system was up and running.

And not a moment too soon! - just a few days later, South Gippsland experienced gale force winds taking out the grid for over two days.

In spite of the inclement weather making it difficult to re-charge, the battery ran the fridge, microwave, kettle, lights and even the internet. We rode out the disaster while providing hot water, recharging and telecommunications for our neighbours.

We were unable to access a state government refund for battery installation so, in monetary terms, our system currently doesn’t give us a great return on investment. But being able to store excess solar power during the day and then use it to power the house during the peak evening load will save many tonnes of carbon from dirty fossil-fuelled power. And, in our little household, doing whatever we can to save the environment will always be the bottom line.

Thank you JMC Electrics!

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